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KiraDuti.com is a platform to help you to calculate the cost price to import a car using Commercial Approve Permit from MITI.

Car import duty is a tax the Malaysian Government imposes on vehicles imported from other countries.

We have multiple brands and popular models inside KiraDuti.com, if you couldn't find the model you wanted to calculate. Kindly email us for more information.

We will provide a detailed calculation of Import Duty, Sales Duty, and Sales Tax for the model you selected.

Our packages start from RM 208 per month, depending on which package you choose.

Our system use single login session to protect the customer account from unauthorized user. You will receive an email notification if someone try to log into your account. If you're changing device, you may directly click the link in the email from the device you're going to use. Contact us via chat for more support.

You will need an exact model of the vehicle, the first registration date of the vehicle, the cubic capacity, and the body type of the vehicle.

Our application lets you calculate the base selling price. The markup price can be adjusted individually based on your account settings.

Yes. You can customize based on your own cost to calculate the vehicle cost.

We will ensure that we provide you with the best information available.

The calculation depends on the exchange rate, which changes in daily frequency. You should check the latest calculation before you make any payment. You should also tell your potential buyer that tax calculation depends on the current exchange rate at the point of payment.

You can email us at [email protected] or via our Live Chat in the website.

No. Our minimum package is a monthly package. You can subscribe to our monthly package to use our application. We do not recommend that regular users use our system as this system is targeted for car importers.